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Wydale Calf Feeders



Wydale Calf Feeders

Feeder(s) hang on the calf pen gate in such a way that the teats are level with the calves' backs. The cowling guides the calf to the teat and protects it from its neighbour ensuring slow drinkers get enough milk.

One man using two 5 Teat feeders can feed over 70 calves an hour.

The troughs have compartments each holding 2 litres (3 1/2 pints) to the ridge along the back or 3 litres (5 1/4 pints) to the top of the weirs. You only need to fill up as many compartments as you have calves per pen.

One sick calf can be given medicated milk/electrolytes if necessary and the rest plain milk. Colostrum can be fed to new born calves before they can stand; simply put the feeder on the floor and push to the calf's mouth.

It is ideal for introducing the first feed to bought in calves from market - without the struggle!

Dimensions for 3 Teat Calf Feeder:

  • Length - 0.8m
  • Width - 0.51m
  • Depth - 0.34m
  • Weight 6.5kg

Dimensions for 5 Teat Calf Feeder:

  • Length - 1.27m
  • Width - 0.51m
  • Depth - 0.34m
  • Weight 9.5kg

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