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Serrestal housing


Serrestal® 21st century dairy cattle housing

The needs of animals as well as the requirements of modern-day livestock farmers have been integrated into the design of the Serrestal®. The result of this is a distinctive structure with optimal ventilation which allows the ideal amount of daylight to enter.

Two major aspects in favour of the health and the production of cows. More than 120 Serrestal® have been constructed and this housing concept has been widely accepted as a fully-fledged alternative to traditional structures.

The Serrestal® was designed especially for dairy cattle at the start of the 21 century. It was the result of a study aimed at finding an alternative housing concept to the traditional cow cubicle barn. Preconditions of the study included an improved production environment, increased animal wellbeing and competitive costs.

The Serrestal® combines all of the above mentioned factors into a single unique barn concept.

As its base, the Serrestal® for cattle has a hot-dipped galvanised steel structure with a roof consisting of a combination of high-quality, translucent, synthetic sheeting. This translucent roof covering has an extremely positive influence on the reproduction and wellbeing of your cattle. Research and practical experience has shown that light positively influences a cow’s hormonal balance. Milk production increases by 1,8 to 2,2 litres per cow per day if the animals are exposed to 16 to 18 hours of bright light per day, the same amount as they would experience outdoors (Source: Controlling Barn light makes more milk, University of Maryland, USA 1998).

Feed consumption increases if the feed passage is well lit, while cubicles stay drier, preventing the growth of bacteria. On the one hand, the amount of daylight inside the barn is similar to the outdoors while, on the other hand, unwanted solar radiance – which causes heat – is filtered out. In addition to an excellent environment for your cattle, the Serrestal® also provides improved working conditions for the farmer and his employees.

Although the roof shape differs from commonly used stable designs, its subdued colouring and its restricted ridge height ensures that it integrates into its environment.

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