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Agrivet Cordless Gas Calf Dehorner III by Portasol


Technical Specifications

Length: 238mm

Weight: 330g

Operating Time: 45mins

Tip Temperature: 650°C Max

Refill Time: 20 seconds

Gas Type: Butane Lighter Fuel quadruple filtered is recommended

Tip Selection: 2

Fitted Ignitor: Click to ignite and now added optional manual ignition

Temperature Adjustable Yes

Agrivet Cordless Gas Calf Dehorner III by Portasol

We supply the Portasol Cordless Gas dehorner with up to 225 watts equivalent power. Designed for and by farmers and veterinary surgeons, Calf Dehorner III makes it possible to dehorn and debud anywhere, in the field, in the pen, in the barn.

What's the difference

  • Temperature adjustable up to 225 Watts (equivalent power)
  • Copper bud removers for rapid heat - temperature up to 650°C / 1200°F
  • Extra wide tip for later dehorning available
  • Click-to-ignition and also manual ignition
  • Complete portability, no tanks, no cords, no pipes & no naked flames
  • Replacement gas jets available

With added features and extra durability the Calf Dehorner III from Portasol is the perfect tool for dehorning young calves 3 - 8 weeks old.

Removing the pre-emergent horn (debudding) is the most humane and efficient way to eliminate horn tissue in calves. This method of dehorning both kills horn growth and controls bleeding by cauterising the blood vessels while minimising potential of infection.


  • The dehorner 111's working head has increased strength with the addition of a 20mm stainless steel tube flame housing. Resulting in the dehorner 111's front end being much stronger and robust.
  • The dehorner 111 has a new ignition system featuring both click to ignite and now new manual ignition.
  • The new dehorner also features a new robust durable mechanically held ceramic offering far superior protection to the ceramic.
  • The Dehorner 111 is now customer serviceable.
    1. If the Jet becomes blocked the user can change the jet easily himself.
    2. The operator can also change the ceramic in the unlikely event that this somehow gets damaged.
  • The Dehorner 111 has two tips sizes available , tips come in 15 & 18.5mm size.
  • The working head of the New Dehorner 11 has far superior heat retaining properties than the last version of the Dehorner enabling the farmer to dehorn with greater speed and ease.

Portasol Calf Dehorner III comes fitted with a standard 15mm copper tip and is packed in a heavy duty storage box complete with full instructions.

Delivery included to mainland UK. Call today for a quote.


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The dehorner 111 has the following spare parts:-

  1. Spare Jet
  2. Ceramic
  3. 15mm tip
  4. 18.5mm tip