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We supply dairy cattle on a weekly basis, we specialise in good quality heifers and cows at sensible prices.


Dairy Cattle

We supply Dairy Cattle on a weekly basis again we specialise in good Quailty Heifer's and Cows at sensible prices. Dairy replacements from heifer calves to bulling heifers. Dairy stock in-calf or freshly calved. Whole herds bought and sold. Stock always available.

Quailty Heifers and Cows are sourced from the UK and Europe

Good honest cows. Weekly selection of fresh calved heifers and cows 20 to 30 head to choose from every week. GIVE US A CALL!!

Imported pedigree dairy cattle

From Holland, Germany, France & Ireland. You can select on the holdings in Europe. All the above livestock are of the highest quality and all paperwork and testing meets our stringent regulations.

Dutch Heifer's

I personally have been importing Heifer's from Main Land Europe for over 20 years...

We only use state of the art designed transport boxes that not only comply with EEC regulations but have multiple penning facilities, feeding and watering facilities, most also have fans for temperature control. Ensuring first class animal welfare from source to destination.


Main UK Agent's for Holland Vee BV & Lactalis Feed