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Instant Mix CCT Colostrum


Instant Mix CCT Colostrum

Instant Mix CCT Colostrum

Colostrum replacer for calves

  • To replace or supplement maternal colostrum in newborn calves
  • To provide extra energy for calves experiencing difficult births and/or those born in cold environments
  • To prevent disease transfer through maternal colostrum (e.g. Johne’s disease)

Natural Bovine Colostrum

  • Sourced in Scotland, EBL free
  • Made from only bovine colostrum. Not a manufactured formula based on whey or eggs

100 grams of Bovine Globulin Protein

  • Broad spectrum of essential colostral proteins.

High in Colostral Fat

  • An important energy source required by calves immediately after birth

Safe and Effective

  • Regulated by recognised regulatory agencies
  • Free of disease-causing organisms, including Mycobacterium avium ss. paratuberculosis (the cause of Johne’s disease), Salmonella spp., E. coli, and others
  • Tested in calves for over 22 years, proving that it is effective and safe
  • Simply add hot water, mix, and feed

Why choose SCCL's colostrum replacers for your calves?

  • SCCL's colostrum products are developed by veterinarians, so you can be confident in recommending them to your clients for long-term health and performance of calves

Convenience with new 'Instant Mix'

We are proud to present our new Instant Mix technology in all of our colostrum products. The new Instant Mix product offers easy and complete mixing by hand whisk in 20 seconds or less! The faster mixing time is attributed to our investment in a granulator. The granulator uses the colostrum’s existing natural fat to act as a binding agent, ultimately producing larger, free-flowing particles. These larger, free-flowing particles allow the powder to rapidly disperse in water and therefore mix more easily.

Quality and Safety guaranteed

SCCL provides natural bovine colostrum products to our customers worldwide, since 1994. The colostrum is heat treated and spray dried into an instant mix powder and can be used to supplement or replace maternal colostrum in calves. A high quality and convenient delivery of essential elements only found in bovine colostrum to optimise your calf’s genetic potential.

Our facility and products are licensed by stringent regulatory agencies including the CFIA and USDA. Safety and efficacy testing guarantees that the end product meets the highest quality control specifications for global distribution.

For further information please contact Ashley J. Latham the Managing Director of Livestock Supplies Ltd.


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