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Calf Hutches by CalfOTel


GROUP XL5 (up to 3 months)

CalfOTel Group XL-5 Calf Hutches

Box with a hardwood threshold,
4-part fence, front fence
and 5 bucket ring

Box: 260x225x175 cm
Fence: 225x225x100 cm

Farmers often notice that their calves experience a growth setback when they return to a group pen after a period in individual boxes. The CalfOTel XL-5 is for this reason without doubt the best method for following up individual boxes. Rearing calves in the CalfOTel XL-5 to an age of 3 to 4 months after being in individual boxes placed outdoors prevents growth problems and calves return to group accommodation with a healthy start. The CalfOTel XL-5 has the same strengths as the individual boxes:


  • Suitable for up to 5 calves
  • Made from polyester, which guarantees a long lifespan and a comfortable shadow temperature in the summer
  • Lifting eyes are standard fittings, which enables the CalfOTel XL-5 group box to be moved easily
  • Fencing fitted with locking system
  • Fencing can be tipped back over the box
  • The removable front fence section lifts out and can be placed across the box opening to lock the calves in
  • The gate in the side fencing gives easy access


Delivery included to mainland UK. Call today for a quote.



CalfOTel Group XL-5 Calf Hutches