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Calf Hutches by CalfOTel


CalfOTel Comfort Calf Hutches

Box with a hardwood threshold,
4-part fence, front fence
and 1 bucket ring

Box: 200x120x140 cm
Fence: 150x120x95 cm

The CalfOTel Comfort is the ideal box for rearing calves. Extremely suitable for rearing calves up to 10 weeks old. The box size compared with the CalfOTel Small allows the calf to lie deeper in the box with more protection. The box is also high enough for you to work inside if you, for example, have to help the calf stand up when it is a few days old. This makes the CalfOTel Comfort definitely the best choice for calves and farmers.


  • Unique, patented fencing
  • Fitted with 2 feed openings
  • Made from polyester, which guarantees a long lifespan and a comfortable shadow temperature in the summer
  • The smooth interior wall makes the box easy to clean
  • The hardwood threshold keeps bedding straw in the box

User-friendly fence

  1. The front fence section lifts out and can be placed across the box opening to lock the calf in. The remaining fencing can then be tipped over and the exterior area in front of the box cleaned while the calf is locked up.
  2. The fence can also be tipped over on its hinge. After this, any straw under the fence can be cleared away and the fence can be cleaned.
  3. Strong wheels are mounted on the box to make it mobile. After tipping back the fencing, the whole unit can easily be moved with the calf inside.



Product accessories for SMALL / COMFORT calf hutches...

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