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Milk Trolley


Milk Trolley

Firstly, the milk powder is put into the Milk Trolley. By increasing the volume of the agitator, the feed is prepared. After the preparation is completed, the feed is ready to serve. While serving, user may prefer to use the agitator with the low volume. In order to protect the temperature of the feed, there is a resistor which is located under the tank. The temperature of the feed is set to 36,5C. With the hand pump, user can easily serve the feed to the feeding container of calves. Indicator which is located on the hand pump shows the exact amount of the milk served.


  • Auto Heating
  • 200L Capacity
  • Speed Adjustable Mixer
  • Hand pump with flow meter
  • Battery powered transfer system
  • 220 V


  • Calf milk at the right temperature
  • Preferred quality materials and detailed craftsmanship extends life of the machine
  • Long Life - Stainless steel's durability is a favorite on farm
  • Correct Mixing - The performance of its built-in stainless steel mixer is incredible
  • Correct Measurement - With precision flow meter located on the hand pump animal feed rate facilities they need in hand

Technical Properties:

  • Power of machine: 14 Amp
  • Electrical consumption: 2,76 Kw/h
  • Power of Resistor: 4000 W
  • The power of agitator motor: 0,37 Kw/h
  • Speed Control Unit: 0,40 Kw/h
  • Accumulator: 12 V - 18 Amp/h
  • Charger of the accumulator: 13,5 V - 8 Amp/h

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