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We supply A2 tested Friesian / Holstein dairy replacement heifers, we specialise in good quality heifers and cows at sensible prices.


We are the main faces of the company, but we bring in extra work force as and when they are needed.

A2 Dairy Heifers

Quailty A2 heifers are sourced from the UK and Europe.

  • Guaranteed A2 beta casein milk protein
  • Fully tested A2/A2 dairy stock to fulfil Wisemans A2 milk contract
  • Quality Heifer's at sensible prices.
  • A2 tested Friesian / Holstein dairy replacements.
  • All heifers are normally reared in cubicles
  • Stock always available.

Wisemans A2 milk

"Results so far suggest that most herds have around a third of cows with the A2 beta Casein protein which is required for a2 Milk™, and we will work with farmers to help find the best solution to either convert their herd to solely A2 cows or segregate the A2 milk and appropriate financial assistance will be offered. The product [a2 Milk™], is aimed at the growing market of people with a perceived intolerance to milk and who don't currently consume cows milk." Sean Uprichard, Chief Executive of a2 Milk (UK)

Imported A2 pedigree dairy cattle

From Holland and Germany. France as well if requested and Ireland. You can select on the holdings in Europe. All the above livestock are of the highest quality and all paperwork and testing meets our stringent regulations.

We only use state of the art designed transport boxes that not only comply with EEC regulations but have multiple penning facilities, feeding and watering facilities, most also have fans for temperature control. Ensuring first class animal welfare from source to destination.


Main UK Agent's for Holland Vee BV & Lactalis Feed